Being pregnant is really a special feeling for every woman. I remember when my aunt got pregnant; she was so worried about her diet. As the doctor advised her not to take some specific food during pregnancy. Due to the fear of miscarriage, women usually avoid pineapple and papaya in their diet. The question that is often asked by a pregnant woman “IS PINEAPPLE SAFE DURING PREGNANCY?”. Well, eating pineapple is good for health during pregnancy. Eating one or two bowls, in a week convey a positive effect on the health of a woman and baby. Intake of more fresh pineapples per week will increase the risk of miscarriage, as this will raise bromelain amount in the body. Instead of eating fresh pineapple, you can have canned pineapple or pineapple juice, as the effect of bromelain vanishes in the canning process.

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Pineapple is the best source of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients facilitate better health during pregnancy. After a detail investigation about the topic, I came to know the benefits of pineapple during pregnancy, which I would love to share with you.

  • Pineapple contains Manganese, which prevent from osteoporosis as it is an enzyme that promotes bone growth and helps in the making of tough and vigorous bones.
  • Pineapple contains small amount of copper, which helps in the making of blood and promotes development of baby’s heart.
  • Pineapple is source of fiber. It prevents constipation.
  • It contains iron in excess amount, which is good resource of production of red blood cell and prevents birth defects.
  • Vitamin C is present in pineapple. It fights against bacterial infection. It helps in increasing immunity during pregnancy. Vitamin C promotes production of collagen, which helps in making of your baby’s skin.
  • The fragrance and taste of pineapple enhance your mood. It will keep you away from depression.


Eating excess of pineapple during pregnancy can be harmful for both mother and baby. As I have told you before that, excess use of pineapple will lead to miscarriage. If you are a diabetic patient, then pineapple is not good for your health. Pineapple contains sugary flavor in excess. Eating pineapple also increases the amount of calories in your body; this will increase your weight. Eating more pineapples will increase amount of bromelain, this cause diarrhea. When we talk about the risks involved then let me tell you normal quantity of pineapple is not going to harm you until you consume 10 whole fruits at once. You must have heard that bromelain tablets are not at all recommended during pregnancy because they breakdown protein and may cause abnormal bleeding. But keep in mind that normal quantity of fruit is not going to harm your health.

is pineapple safe during pregnancy

Consumption of Pineapple during Pregnancy Stages:

  1. In the first trimester, you should try to avoid pineapples.
  2. In the second trimester, you can use at least 100 grams of pineapple twice or thrice during the whole week.
  3. In the third trimester, you can consume small quantity of fruit daily but again you have to take care of the amount of pineapple.

How to add Pineapple in your Diet?

You can add pineapple in your diet in a number of ways. First of all eating pineapple chunks is the easiest way to include it in your diet. Then you can also make pineapple smoothie or add the pieces into salad. Another way to add pineapple in your diet is to grill pineapple slices and that grilled pineapple can be added into the salad bowel as well. You can also make grilled chicken sandwiches with this yummy fruit. You can also chop the pineapple to make salsa. The chunks can be mixed in the yogurt to make it yummy.

What are the Risks of Eating Pineapple during Pregnancy?

Those with weak digestive system should avoid pineapple because it may cause acidity or heartburn.

According to some people, eating pineapple in early pregnancy will increase the chances of miscarriage or premature labour in some cases. All this happens due to an increase in the production of bromelain enzyme.

As we all know that pineapple contains sugar so those suffering from gestational diabetes should not consume too much pineapple.

Pineapple is a big size fruit and one pineapple of 900 grams contains approximately 452 calories so it can be called as high calorie fruit. If you are having weight gain or obesity issues then you should cut pineapple from your diet.

Eating too much of this fruit can also cause diarrhea because if high concentration of bromelain enzyme. If you are eating pineapple for the first time in pregnancy and you experience symptoms like skin rashes, itching or swelling then it means that you are allergic to this fruit.

Final Verdict:

“Eating pineapple will lead to miscarriage or premature labour” seems to be old wives tale because eating normal amount of pineapple is safe during pregnancy until and unless you eat 8 to 10 whole pineapples then they can be problematic for your health and your baby too. You should enjoy normal quantity of pineapple and may use it in any form such as canned or fresh or juices. If you are still worried or confused then it is better to speak to your gynecologist about safe pregnancy foods and he or she will guide you better.


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