Is it safe to drink green tea during pregnancy?

Green tea is an herbal tea which is used to keep us mentally alert and active. It has greater health benefits as it is also used as a medicine for treating various problems. The most common use of green tea for weight loss is known to many it benefits are not limited to weight loss only. It is widely used in natural remedies to treat headaches, stomach disorders and so on. It is rich in antioxidants which lowers the risk of cancer and heart attack. It is a good idea for have a cup of green tea for morning sickness to remain active for the whole day.

green tea

Apart from other health issues, there is a strong connection between green tea and pregnancy. Many people have a misconception that green tea is totally bad for pregnancy. In reality it is safe to drink a cup of green tea if you are pregnant. An important point to keep in mind is that the excess of everything is bad for health. In the same way the expecting ladies must keep one thing is mind is that drinking green time in moderation has no harm to your health unlike other teas like black tea and coffee also.

green tea during pregnancy

Green tea during pregnancy will keep your body hydrated even when one is not drinking the required amount of plain water. You have also have green tea with ginger or green tea with lemon to have more natural benefits. However being pregnant, one must limit the amount of caffeine intake for the whole day as it is good for you. Now on a serious note if one thinks that it is safe to drink to drink as much green tea as one wants during pregnancy then you must know that it excess usage may prevent the folic acid to be absorbed easily and also it can cause difficulty for your body to absorb the iron especially from non-meat foods.


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