How to Ripen Mangoes at Home without Chemicals

As the summer season approaches, we get excited to see the first look of mangoes. In my case, all of us long for this delicious fruit but what happens in the initial days that mangoes we brought home are sometimes overripe and sometimes raw. One thing which confuses us is the color of mangoes; yes yellow skin of this fruit is not the exact indication of its ripeness. Every year we get boxes of mangoes in our home and they get ripen in front of our eyes. I thought why not share with you methods we use to ripen our mangoes in bulk quantity. If you are looking for the best method on how to ripen mangoes at your home then stay here because all your queries will be answered here.

How many days does it take for mango to ripen?

If you want to eat fresh ripped mangoes then you have to wait from two to seven days because a mango usually takes 2 to 7 days to ripen and it all depends upon the environment where it is stored and its variety. 

How to ripen mangoes without using carbide or other chemicals?

Before going into the discussion of getting mangoes ripened with natural methods, l would like to inform you that how mango sellers make use of chemicals to ripen the mangoes. The mango merchants make use of a chemical known as Calcium Carbide to ripen the mangoes artificially. As per my knowledge calcium carbide is a chemical with various health hazards because it contains carcinogenic and arsenic compounds which further trigger a number of health problems such as headache, memory loss, mental confusions, and other related symptoms. Therefore you should stay away from all those chemicals which cause health problems. Keep in mind that nature has given us so many blessings and I don’t know why man mixes chemicals in every natural thing. Anyway, let’s discuss the natural methods to ripen your mangoes faster.

Natural Methods to Ripen Mangoes Faster:

Method 1: Make Use of Room Temperature

how to ripen mangoes at home

If you want to ripen mangoes naturally whether you have picked those mangoes from your own house tree or you bought them from the market in an unripe form then the best way is to make use of room temperature or you can place the mangoes in your kitchen and they will be ready after 7 days. Although it is a slow process, it is the best natural way to make them ripen. In this way, your Mangoes will be juicier and strong alluring smell will indicate that they are ready to be eaten. 

Method 2:  keep Mangoes Wrapped in Newspaper or Rice Bowl

Another natural method to ripen your mangoes is to keep them inside the paper bag because in this way ethylene gas will remain trapped inside and the sweet smell will indicate that your Mangoes are fully ripened. Another way to prepare mangoes is to keep them in a bag filled with uncooked rice. In this way, the ethylene gas will remain trap facilitating the ripening process.

Tip: Never put unripe mangoes in the fridge because it will slow down the ripening process.

Method 3:  Make Use of Traditional Wooden Box

If you want to speed up the ripening process of mangoes then a good way is to put them in a wooden box or you can say cardboard box with some quantity of hay in it.  You must have seen these wooden boxes when you purchase mangoes in bulk quantity from the mango merchants.

How Can You Tell If a Mango is Ripe?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions that what are the indications which tell you that your Mangoes are ready to be eaten or they are still unripe or they need some time. 

1. There are many people who think that red color or yellow color of the mango is the real indicator of ripeness but it is not true at all. You should not trust the color of Mango because it is not the real indicator and relying on it won’t be helpful.

2.  First of all, you need to press the mango gently and if it feels hard rock then it is a clear indication that the mango needs some days because it is unripe. On the other hand, if you feel that mango is slightly soft then it means that it is ready for you whether you make a mango juice or cut it into slices.

3.  In the next step, you have to smell the fruit because fruit odor is a clear indication of its ripeness and the ripe fruits have their own enriched fragrance which spread in the whole room.  

How to Store Mangoes?

If you have got unripe mangoes then you can store them at normal room temperature. Once your Mangoes are ripe, then you can put them in the refrigerator as it will slow down the ripening process and you can easily consume them within 4 to 5 days.  

Is Unripe Mango Bad For You?

As we have observed that excess of anything is bad so same is the case with unripe mangoes. If you really like the sour taste of mangoes then you may eat 2 to 3 mangoes a day but not more than that.  Raw mangoes have their own benefits as well such as it eases the process of digestion and they also control constipation. 


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