How To Make Beetroot Juice? 4 Yummy Recipes of this Super Food

Beet is a vegetable is a sweet root bulbous form of vegetables. Beetroot is loved or hated by people and there is no in between. Scientists have linked beet root with so many health benefits like improvement in the flow of the blood and stamina etc. best way to consume keep on reading this article and I will share with you some interesting facts about the beet root and also the way for how to make beetroot juice without fuss.

What is beet root?

It is known for its quality of being the healthiest and the best veggies. Beet root is the portion of the tap root. Beet root belongs to the family of Beta Vulgaris in plants. Besides using it for edible purposes, it is also used for various medicinal purposes and also as the colorant for different foods. This vegetable is used as food from several years. Since the ancient times, doctors have been using it to cure anemia. We obtain beet root from various varieties.

Some of these varieties are mentioned below:

how to make beetroot juice

  •   Detroit Dark Red:

This variety is quite popular all over USA. It grows for about 2.5 to 3 inches in the overall diameter. The good thing about this variety is that it can be grown in a large number of soils and climatic or temperature conditions.

  •  Chioggia:

This type of variety is mainly used and grown in different areas of Italy. Beet root of this kind has white stripes and red colored flesh. Unfortunately this beetroot can only be grown in the climatic and temperature condition similar to that of Italy.

  •  Golden:

This is probably the most unique among other varieties of beetroot. This one looks a lot like carrot and taste exactly like Beets. People mostly use the greens of these beet roots as they are super delicious and enhance the flavor of the food in which it is used.

  •  Lutz green Leaf:

This one is relatively new among the varieties of the beet. The amazing fact about this type of beet root is that it can grow almost four times bigger than the original size of beet. The taste of this beet root is also worth mentioning as it is so good.

  •   Formanova:

Formanova grows in some of the countries as it has very selective temperature conditions requirement. This is a cylindrical beet which tends to grow for more than 8 inches in size.

Here are some beet juice recipes which can help you in making excellent juice at home.

How to make carrot beetroot juice?

How to make beetroot juice

Enough with the benefits of beetroot, it is finally time to tell you some highly nutritious and yummiest juice recipes using beet root and some other fruits. Follow the following steps and have the best vegetable combination as juice:

  1. Take 3 large carrots, 3 beetroots, half lemon, half ginger and half cup of water
  2. Wash thoroughly carrots, beetroot, ginger and lemon
  3. Cut both beetroot and carrot into small pieces
  4. Add the water; beetroots, ginger and carrot in the blender also squeeze the lemon in the blender.
  5. Blend so much so that it becomes smooth
  6. Filter this mashed puree with the help of a sieve so that all the lumps be filtered out
  7. Keep pressing the pure with the help of a spatula so that all the juice will come out
  8. Serve this juice, solo or with anything you desire.

How to make beet root juice for weight loss?

If you know it or not, bet root is the best when it comes to weight loss. Beetroot is rich in folate, dietary fiber, vitamin C and nitrates. These nutrients help the person in reducing weight, managing high or low blood pressure and boosting the immunity etc.

Here is a simple beet juice recipe which you can use for shedding extra pounds:

You will need:

  • Pint of sea or Himalayan Salt
  • 3 to 4 tablespoon of lemon or lime juice
  • Half cup of water
  • 5 cups of beet root cut in cubes

Here is how you will make this magic potion:

  • Add the beet root in the blender along with salt
  • Blend it real smoothly so that no bumps or lumps remain in it
  • Pour it in a container and add lime or lemon juice.
  • Chill it for 1 hour before serving.

How to make Beet root and spinach juice?

how to make beetroot juice

This is the healthiest combination of vegetables when it comes to juices. If you are wondering how to make beetroot juice at home which taste exactly like commercial juices, this is the perfect recipe. The beetroot and spinach juice benefits are larger than life including weight loss, glowing skin, anti- aging and cure to anemia. Both beet root and spinach are loaded with essential nutrients and mineral which our body needs for daily functioning. Here is a recipe for the best beetroot juice.

For making this beetroot juice recipe, you will need:

  • 5 cups of carrots ( cut in cube form)
  • 1 cup of cubed apple
  • 4 cup of cubed beet root
  • 2 cups of roughly chopped spinach
  • 1 cup ice
  • A pint of salt

Here are the instructions:

  • Add all the chopped ingredients in the blender a little at a time
  • Pour the crushed ice in the chopper along with the salt
  • Serve it immediately or let it sit for a while in the fridge.

It is best to use it in the morning as pre-workout smoothie; else you can use it any time you wish to. Does not use the juicer for this recipe rather use a hopper or blender for the best taste.

How to make beetroot juice with milk recipe:

You might be wondering how to make beet juice with milk and also is it saves to consume? Well yes you can definitely mix in milk with beet juice recipe.

betroot juice with milk

Here is a yummy recipe of beetroot with milk, it is not only yummy but it is also best for your health. This juice is the best source of calcium and folate which makes it perfect for middle aged women and children.

Here is the list of ingredients for this juice:

  • 1 cup of beetroot medium sized
  • 1 cup of chopped carrot
  • 5 cup of crushed ice
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 5 cup of milk
  • 1 tea spoon of powdered cardamom

Follow these instructions for making this yummy juice:

  • Wash and chop the beet root and carrot finely
  • Do not forget to peel off the skin
  • Now blend these two together so well so that it gets into smooth consistency
  • Now add the milk
  • After blending it for 1 minute add cardamom, ice and honey in the juice
  • Serve it fresh along with mint leave dressing

5 potential yet unique benefits of Beet root on the health of the consumer

Out of several benefits that beetroot is known for, here are some excellent benefits of beet root for us:

1.  It guards against the cancer:

Cancer forms like skin, colon and lung cancer can be prevented by consuming daily beet. Beet root is known to contain a form of pigment known as Betcyaninis which according to several studies kills off the mutated cancerous cells in the body. Some chemical compound nitrosamine triggers the chances of the growth of any cancerous cells in the body; using beet root can actually reduce these chances negligible. According to a research study conducted in Hungary demonstrated that using beet root either raw or in powdered form can actually shunt the growth of cancerous tumor. So, long story short, accumulating beet root in your life style and dietary habit can actually keep you cancer free.

2. It can enhance the level of energy in you:

Beet roots are known to have adequate amount of good carbohydrates that gives off prolong energy for hectic sports linked activities. Carbohydrate act as the building block for provision of energy in people and bet root is the best source for these building blocks. According to a research, people who use beet root juice have high uptake of oxygen as compared to people who don’t drink bet root juice. So if you love to work out or if you are a sports person, use beet root as the energy drink for additional stamina.

how to make beetroot juice

3. It is very helpful in losing weight:

Beet root is the most ideal food when it comes to weight loss. Due to its mild sweetness and high fiber content it is highly advised to use it on daily basis. Beet root also stops the craving for sweet sugary treats so if you are following a strict diet, have beet root juice every now and then can actually help you big time in sticking to it.

4.Excellent food for skin:

Beet root not only give that glow to your skin, rather it also works well as anti-aging agent. The greens of beet root are reported to have good amount of Vitamin A and carotenoids which aids in providing you with that supple flawless skin of your dreams. Beet root is also known to possess a protein antioxidant known as lutein which fights with the free radicals in the body. Mind it that free radicals are linked with early wrinkle, dark spots and patchy skin. According to a research conducted in China Sugar Beet molasses is known to have phenolic content that fights off aging. Besides that the Vitamin A in Beet root also repair the mucus membrane of skin causing it to be supple and rehydrated.

5. It is used to treat Anemia:

The deficiency of Iron is known to cause Anemia in people. Beet roots are quite rich in Iron. In fact our body absorbs better iron from beet root than any other vegetable. Many studies have proved that folate and iron in the beet root and beet greens combat the iron deficiency in people with mild or severe anemia.


Beetroot is either liked or hated by people all over the world, there are different varieties of beet that are cultivated according to the weather conditions of the area. In this article I have instructed about how to make beetroot juice? Beetroot has vast range of benefits. Read the article and know so many unique and fun facts about beetroot which you did not know before.

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