How to grow watermelon in your own garden?

Watermelon reminds us of the summer feasts with tempting watermelon recipes like watermelon salad, watermelon smoothie, watermelon pops and so on. The drinks are even more preferred due to their weight loss effects and also because they give you a cooler feeling. Growing watermelon is not something that you can only dream for. It is very easy to grow them and only need to take care of some points otherwise you will not get good varieties. There are even seedless varieties but I would recommend you to go for the normal ones as you are a starter.

grow watermelon


Temperature is the most important factor to grow watermelon fruit. One must know that it is easier to grow this fruit in place which has a warmer climate as it grows best with temperatures up to 80 degrees. Also the season for their growing is longer. If you live in cold place and still want to grow your own watermelons then the best way is to grow them indoors. You have to go for the short season varieties of watermelons that don’t require too long.

Plantation time

First of all you have to look for the soil to be warmer. Once the soil is warm then you have to plant the seeds as they grow perfectly on the soil which is sandy. The yield on the clay soil is increased when you mulch the soil.

watermelon flowers

Space required by vines

The vines of the watermelon require considerable space between them. You have to plant the seed 1 inch deeper in the soil and the distance between the two seeds has to be 6 feet apart. Between the rows it should be around 8 to 10 feet. They grow best on raised rows commonly known as hill. Once the seedlings are established the thin three plants per hill. The single transplants have to be planted 2-3 feet apart. After three weeks the plants can be planted in garden. 2-3 seeds must be planted in peat pots or peat pallets then thin the best plants.

watermelon plantation

Harvesting time

Some garden confuse with the ripening time. So you have to look for various factors which will give you a clear idea that the harvesting time has come. When the tendrils of the light green color near the stem turn brown and become dry. The color of the surface of the fruits becomes dry. The area of the bottom of melon gets yellower and when the surface of the skin becomes rough upon touching. Upon thumping when hollow sound comes then it shows the watermelon is ripe and it is the time to harvest them.

Take care the plants

You have to take care of the watermelon plants from the weeds. The cultivation and shallow hoeing is the best way to do so. They grow good in a well-drained soil so there is no need of more watering unless the weather becomes dry for a longer period. In a colder place it is recommended to cover the plants with row covers to protect them. The use of black plastic mulch is also a good idea. Use the insecticide to protect them from insects. Cucumber beetles are the primary attackers to the fruits so be very careful.


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