How to Core a Pineapple Easy Methods

Pineapple is one of the tropical fruits in the world and it is liked by majority of people in the world. This fruit is used in many recipes including pineapple cake, pineapple smoothies, and shakes and in many other dishes. Although it is one of the great fruits in the world but it is covered in tough skin and there are people who want to know easy ways on how to core a pineapple. In this article I would like to share with you easy methods to core and peel a pineapple. Now what I mean to say core, yes core is the central inedible part of some fruits especially pineapple and you can peel this fruits by applying the methods mentioned below.

How to Core a Pineapple with Knife:

First of all you need to select a large and sharp knife because the outer skin of fruit is hard to cut. If you will use a dull knife then it may be possible that you may cut your finger so you have to be careful. First of all you need to remove the stalk of pineapple by grasping it in one hand. When you will cut the top of fruit then it is better to divide it into four parts as shown in the picture below.

how to core a whole pineapple
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1) Divide pineapple into four parts by cutting it in lengthwise direction

2) Now remove the flesh of pineapple from the skin

3) In the next step you have to remove the core and then cut it into slices or in any shape you want

4) It is a great method because the presentation turns out to be excellent because you can easily make same size chunks of pineapple with knife.

2nd Method to Core a Pineapple:

Second method is again simple but the technique is little different. First of all cut the pineapple from upward and downward direction. Now put the base side in downward direction and then slice off the skin with the help of knife. You have to remove the eyes in a neat and clean way. Cut the fruit in lengthwise direction and cut into any desired shape as you want.

how to core a pineapple without corer
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How to Core a Pineapple into Rings:

First of all cut the upper and lower part of pineapple with a knife and then place the base side downward. Then peel or remove the skin of pineapple with a sharp knife. Now cut the fruit into rings of desired thickness. It is a simple way to cut pineapple into ring shape slices.

How to Make Use of Pineapple Corers:

You can also make use of pineapple corers that can be purchased from kitchen crockery stores. You can use pineapple corers and other peeling tools.


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