What are the Foods to increase natural vaginal lubrication?

Women facing vaginal dryness find it irritative and even painful at the time of sexual intercourse. This ruins the absolute pleasure of sex. Dryness in vagina is part of life and at times you will feel that this problems needs to be treated properly because of the unbearable discomfort. You must understand the fact that for a healthy sex life vaginal lubrication is very important. It is not something embarrassing at all because being a woman you have to be confident enough to find the solutions of your vaginal problems for a successful married life. You can increase vaginal moisture in a natural way because there are lots of women who are afraid of complicated treatments. This will make your relationship with your partner even stronger.

What is vaginal moisture and what is its purpose?

It is the lubricant which is produced by the glands present in woman’s cervix goes to the vaginal canal. This purpose is the removal of dead cells in the vagina and also the cleaning of vaginal canal naturally. Many women consider vaginal lubricants to tackle the issue but there some side effects of such lubricants also. By increasing natural female lubrication, you will experience the real pleasure of sexual intercourse with your partner. So the best way is to deal with vaginal dryness in a natural way because safely of your vagina is the first priority.

When do women face vaginal dryness?

Women at any age may experience excessive dryness in their vagina. It is the most painful time women feel embarrassing about sharing this problem with their friends and even with their partner. It is a very sensitive issue because this often results in separation because the partners hesitate to discuss the matter openly starts finding flaws in each other. So the Signs of vaginal dryness must be known to every woman.  It is very important that the women are aware of this issue. Usually lack of vaginal moisture can be due to the following two reasons.

how to boost verginal lubrication

Post menopausal vaginal dryness

Women after their menopause face the problem of vaginal dryness which is absolutely natural. It is due to imbalance in levels of hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

Premenopausal vaginal dryness

Women who have not reached to their menopause also experience vaginal dryness at various times. On a serious  note if your vagina is dry at the time of sexual intercourse then this will results in more friction is the walls of your vagina that leads to discomfort and also cuts around the area. Women who don’t consider the matter seriously face vaginal infections after this situation. Vaginal is the most sensitive female organ that has to be lubricated well for a pleasant sexual intercourse. In case of dry vagina there are chances of various vaginal infections. However, you must take help from natural remedy to avoid this problem.

What are the natural ways to increase your vaginal moisture?

foods for natural lubrication

It is better to lubricate your vagina is a natural way because the treatments with their side effects can even lead to breast cancer. You must eat fresh fruits and veggies to healthy and fit. Being a woman you must find out the foods that make you more lubricated, causes of vaginal dryness and Things to avoid for vaginal dryness. These natural remedies below will help you to cure your vaginal dryness naturally.

Omega 3 fatty acids

It is very important that you eat the foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It is a natural way to keep your vagina lubricated. Omega 3 fatty acids is one of best foods for natural lubrication, which are found foods that include fish which is salmon, tuna, mackerel and in sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and raw pumpkin.


Make sure your diet includes all the essential vitamins to increase female lubrication and in case you are still facing this issue then you must take vitamin supplements that include beta carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin B. Vitamin E is also a great option to consider for vaginal moisture.

Stay hydrated

You must drink lots of water to meet your daily water requirement that is 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. Fresh fruit juices are also helpful to you hydrated especially in summer.

Olive oil

Olive oil is the most soothing and effective oils so how can you forget olive oil for the treatment of your vaginal dryness. If you want to moisten your vagina zone then you have to rub one teaspoon of olive oil two times a day before going for a shower.

Herbal cosmetics

There are herbal soaps and some creams which naturally treat vaginal dryness. So it’s better to quit using harsh cosmetics with chemical for washing the vagina. The harsh chemicals in soaps lead to vaginal dryness. So, herbal cosmetics should be your choice.


Banana is such a fruit the very aroma of which increases the blood flow towards your pelvic area. It is also good to beat vaginal dryness.

Dairy products

In dairy products that is a supplement named L-ARGININE which is very helpful to moisten your vagina. So you have to drinks lots of milk and eats cheese and eggs for female dryness cure.

Change in the lifestyle

Another important factor that helps to fight will vaginal dryness is your lifestyle. You must change your lifestyle so that the situation can improve. If the diet of your partner is not proper then you should keep an eye on her diet in order to keep her vagina moist through foods to boost vaginal lubrication. There are foods that you must quit because their use might be contributing to vaginal dryness. Make sure your clothes, towel and bed are clean otherwise these types of issues may arise. Some activity like morning walk before sexual intercourse is also very helpful if you don’t know how to get wetter naturally. If your routine is having sexual intercourse at night then you must change this routine because early morning intercourse between 4 am to 9 am is the perfect time when the hormones are active. You also have to change your method of birth control because it is also a factor contributing to dryness in vagina.


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