Eating Egg in a Day Reduces the Risk of Stroke up to 12% Study Find

You must have noticed that new researches are done on eggs everyday in different parts of the world. Some people believe that you should not an egg daily while others believe that egg yolks should be removed. According to some people eggs increase the blood pressure and cholesterol but you should always keep yourself up to date about the new researches. Now, According to the new research eating an egg daily can reduce the risk of stroke up to 12% (Stroke is the 5th main cause of death in United States). The study covers the data of at least 300,000 people and according to the results people whose egg consumption was high were less likely to get heart stroke as compared to those whose egg consumption was low.

eggs reduce the risk of stroke
eating an egg reduces the risk of stroke up to 12%

Nutritional Information as Per Findings:

When it comes to nutritional information then we know that egg is rich source of protein and consuming an egg everyday reduces the risk of heart stroke about 12%. One egg contains approximately 6 grams of protein and essential anti-oxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin and egg yolk contain essential vitamins like vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin D. All this was revealed in the study published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition.

According to the main researcher Dr. Alexander eggs have positive nutritional qualities and the antioxidants present in eggs are shown to reduce stress and inflammation. Eggs are one of the main sources of protein so they help to lower the blood pressure. The above mentioned myth that we should avoid eggs in case of hypertension is totally wrong.



There was no relationship between eggs and coronary heart disease in the previous research but the new findings suggest that eggs have positive effect on heart and eating eggs prove to be beneficial for heart health. Now you can start your day with egg without worrying about anything.


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