Cayenne Pepper substitute to give a mild kick to your food

Cayenne Pepper is the red hot chili pepper that is mostly used in the ground form when added in soups or stews etc. This pepper is considered to be 8 on the heat scale of 1 to 10. But sometimes it might happen that you are about to arrange a lunch or dinner but your guest is allergic to Cayenne pepper or maybe they just don’t like it. When you have to make your best dish for your guests and it includes cayenne pepper then what is the best replacement for cayenne pepper?

Cayenne Pepper Substitute

Our choice for top 10 substitute of Cayenne pepper is listed below:

  1. Paprika:

When you want to give the smokier taste to the food and add something as a cayenne pepper substitute in recipe then the first choice should be of Paprika. It is hotter than cayenne pepper and is made by grinding fully ripen red peppers into a powdered form.

  1. Fresh Green Chilies

Who can deny that fresh green chilies are a great taste adder to the food that you are cooking. It can give your food hotness and also a really different fresh taste overall. So if your guests or family members don’t like cayenne pepper then what is a better choice than putting some fresh green chilies in your food.

  1. Jalapeño pepper

Jalapeño pepperTo be true, I personally love jalapeno on my pizza, but for other food items it is not so my favorite choice. But we all have different choices, so if you are looking jalapeno as the cayenne pepper alternative then make sure that you get your hands on fresh ones and pickle them or take the traditional route and go for the bottled pickles.

  1. Manzana Chili

Manzana chiliWhen you need to make salsa the best chili to choose if the Manzana chili. It comes in yellow, green and red so whichever color you need you can get them. The most important thing to know about this chili is that they have thick walls so they can’t be dried for using, instead you have to use them fresh. They give nice taste to salsa and all other dishes that you want to put in. so stop wondering that “what I can use instead of cayenne pepper?”  Choose Manzana Chili and make your food deliciously irresistible.

  1. Scotch bonnet chili

Are you craving the Caribbean flavor? If so then scotch bonnet chili is the best replacement for cayenne pepper in recipe for you to hold on to. It is a lot like habanero chili but it has lots of flavor packed in it.

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  1. Serrano pepper

2-3 inches long peppers are the ones that will add a little less hotness to your food than the cayenne pepper does. But the serrano pepper is hotter than the jalapeno pepper.

  1. Habanero chili

habanero chili pepperIntensifying fruity flavors with the fiery hotness, habanero chilies are the hot, hot cayenne pepper substitute in the recipe. These chilies are used fresh and one thing should be kept in mind that they tend to rot very quickly. So when you buy the chilies it is good that you use the within five days.

These all chili types are my choices as a substitute to the cayenne pepper. I hope you must have made your pick for your next cooking. If there is any other substitutes that can change the way our dishes can taste great then share that with us.


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