5 Habits that Cause Bloating

habits that cause bloating

Possessing a stomach full of bloating is by far the most uneasy sensation a person can feel or live with. At few times you feel like a giant basketball is stuck inside your belly and other times you feel as if your tummy is flooded with gallons of water No matter how uncomfortable it is it can always be treated easily and you don’t have to spend the rest of your life suffering from this issue. But do you really know what exactly cause it? Here are the 5 habits that cause bloating in a person, avoid these and you will be free from this issue.

Before initiating the topic you must know bloated meaning so that you can have better understanding and how does it happen.

What exactly is bloating?

According to most authentic bloated definition, it is an uncommon gas or swelling of the abdomen which lead to increased diameter of the tummy region. A person suffering from it feels a pretty tight and fuller tummy at all times causing growling of the stomach and stomach ache.

How do you know if your stomach is bloated?

It is very important for you to distinguish the symptoms well before coming on to conclusion that you are suffering from this problem. Here are some of the symptoms that you might feel during the course of this ailment.

  1. Constant fatigue
  2. Varying fever
  3. Feeling of nausea and at times vomit
  4. Trouble in concentrating or constant brain fog
  5. Bloody stool or urine
  6. Painful lymph nodes
  7. Rash on skin
  8. Trouble in each bathroom visit
  9. You might get irregular period
  10. Appearance of hemorrhoid
  11. Intense allergic reactions including watery eyes

Some people also suffer from extreme bloating before period and it is one of the pre-menstrual symptoms. Women also question when does bloating go away after period? Well it takes 3 to 4 days for all the bloating to move away from your body after period. However if you do some authentic remedies, you yourself will find the answer of how to get rid of bloated stomach instantly.

What are the habits that cause bloating?

habits that make you bloated

Here are the top 5 habits which can lead your body into getting bloated:

1.     Carbonated drink consumption:

Though we are part of the generation who cannot survive without the carbonated drinks but do you know that it can actually cause way more damage to your health than you imagine. According to several nutritionist all the carbonated drinks contains no nutrition value at all and it is merely just sugar, flavorings and water and nothing else. In fact the carbonated drinks contain a substance that can cause several issues in the digestion system. According to a report the gas in the fizzy drinks forms bubble which cause swelling in the stomach causing additional digestive issues. It is highly advisable to switch carbonated drinks with fresh fruit juices and plain water

2.     Chewing too fast

When it comes to chewing there are two aspects to keep in mind.

  1. Speed of eating
  2. Quantity of food one is eating

According to both the dentist and nutritionist, one must eat the food slowly with all the concentration. Eating in a speedy manner can also lead the person to inhale the air with the food too causing bloating. One must eat in the healthiest manner by chewing it slowly so that the stomach will be able to allow better digestion of the food without a hint of bloating. In fact one of the best bloating remedies is the fact to chew slowly.

anti-bloating food facts
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3.     Allergies or intolerance toward a certain food:

In our daily life we sometimes overlooked the fact that our body does not accept certain foods causing it to create drastic adverse effects to our health. One of the ailments that is caused due to intolerance of food is bloating. No one in the world is totally immune to food allergy. If you feel a sudden uneasiness after consuming food and you find your tummy to swallow you are definitely allergic to that food. The most common and frequently occurring allergy that has been reported a lot in this year is the one occurring due to gluten. Gluten allergy occurs when a person consume a food made out of wheat and the gluten content of that food remains undigested causing allergic response in the body.

Other food allergy which also leads to bloating is the intolerance toward lactose which is a major component of milk. Consuming such foods cause tightness in stomach, flatulence, nausea and in severe cases also lead to Anaphylaxis shock too. Before consuming any new thing try to visit the doctor and demand for the food sensitivity test so that you can be saved from the issue.

4.     Eating right before going to bed

When your mum says not to eat anything in bed, she is probably right! Eating anything right before bed time can cause so many issues in the digestion process. Right after 7 pm your digestive system reduces up to 75% so having dinner after that time or eating anything after 7 pm can cause abnormal digestion ultimately leading to bloating. Try to consume the food at least 3 hours before the bed time so that not only your digestion remain healthy, you also don’t gain weight from what you have eaten. If you wonder how to get rid of bloating then also try to focus more on the breakfast and try to have good and healthy breakfast and for night time try to eat half of what you have eaten in the morning. You should also perform exercise before sleeping, this will affect your digestion in a good way and above all it will make you sleep more peacefully.

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5.     Consumption of processed foods:

Food is not meant to be stored and kept in container along with bunch of chemicals rather it is made so that you can enjoy its freshness and get benefits from it. The more you consume the processed meals the more your digestion will compromise. Processed food contains a large amount of sodium that is linked with retention of fluid in the consumer’s body. Even if the processed food says zero calories or healthy, don’t buy to it and avoid it at all times.

Before coming to the conclusion, please be super conscious regarding the fat or bloated stomach as people try to confuse it as most of time.


Bloating is that uneasy sensation which comes after eating a food to which our body responds abnormally. Fluid retention stomach tightness, flatulence and large stomach are all the symptoms of bloating. Here are the 5 habits that cause bloating in a person

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