5 Foods that increase Sperm Count and Motility

Infertility is a growing issue which is affecting thousands of man every year all over the globe. There are different reasons behind infertility among both men and women; today we are going to talk from the men’s prospective. In this article you are going to learn comprehensively about the foods that increase sperm count and motility. Keep on reading if you want to know how to increase sperm thickness and spread this information to someone who needs to know it the most.

What are the factors that create effects on the fertility of the man?

Here are some of the factors which effects the fertility of man

  • Structural issue that hinders the sperm delivery
  • The production of low sperm
  • Production of sperm without shape
  • Production of sperms having very low motility or how efficiently the sperm moves

What are the reasons behind in-efficient sperm production?

For most of the part, the main issue with abnormal production of sperm is our own lifestyle. Following are some of the factors which cause bad sperms.

what to eat to increase sperm count


Over consumption of alcohol not only damages your liver, it also effect heavily on your reproductive system. If you are trying to have a baby, you must limit your consumption of alcohol.

Saturated fat rich diet

According to different studies, a diet high in saturated and mono unsaturated fat can increase the chances of poor production and development of sperms. Limit the consumption of processed food like sausages, ham and butter if you are trying to impregnate your partner especially when she is ovulating.

Canned food

A chemical known as Biphenyl is linked with cancer and impaired production of sperms. This chemical is also found in plastic. Can foods have high amount of this aforementioned chemical and it gets worst because of the preservatives added for the food. Try to avoid consuming canned food as much as you can.

What to eat to increase sperm count fast?

In this busy paced world, waiting for the effects to kick in is pretty hard. Instead of relying on medicine to increase sperm count let me tell you some foods that enhance the sperm counting ability of a person. Here is a comprehensive list:

1. Usage of dark chocolate:

Most people raise question like how to make sperm stronger for pregnancy, for them the answer is one and only Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is known to be rich in antioxidants which work to eliminate toxic radicals that move around in our body as a result of poor food choices. Besides that, according to a research study dark chocolate also contains a kind of amino acid which contribute big time in creating the seminal fluid volume in testicles of males. One amazing fact about dark chocolate is that it contains much more antioxidants than pomegranate and acai berries. Apart from getting free radicals from foods, we also get free radicals by living in polluting environment. Always keep in mind not to over eat it as you might gain weight ultimately moving towards less production of sperm than before. You can eat 3 to 4 squares of dark chocolate any time of the day you desire for best result.

2.   Using garlic for increasing sperm motility and count:

Some might scratch their head after reading this, but along with other health benefits garlic also contribute in increasing motility of sperms. Due to the two secret yet highly effective compounds of garlic which are allicin and selenium garlic works best in giving these tiny swimmers a good push. Selenium is a great antioxidant which works best in eradicating buildup of free radical in the body and allicin enhances the flow of blood towards the copulatory organs thus enabling the person to have highly functional genitals.

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3. Usage of asparagus for semen volume:

Even though your man doesn’t much like asparagus little does he know its benefits for his sexual health? Nutritionist working all around the globe has claimed that this heavenly vegetable is packed up with vitamin C that is known to guard the seminal fluid from any kind of damage and also promotes its health trespassing. Using asparagus daily in one for the meals can actually help him a lot even if he doesn’t like eating it; also keep in mind one thing that is not to overcook it as you might deteriorate the asparagus nutritional content without even knowing.

4. Vitamin E:

If you want to improve the quality of your sperms then you have to focus on vitamin E because it is known to improve your sperm quality due to its anti-oxidant properties. Now you must be thinking from where you get vitamin E, so you can make use of plant based oils because they are source of vitamin E. You can use oils such as Corn oil, soybean oil and sun flower oil as well. Other than that green vegetables and fortified juices also contain vitamin E.

These were some of the foods that increase sperm thickness for your man.

how to increase sperm count

What to eat to make sperm stronger?

Here are list of nutrients which can enhance the baby making ability of your guy within few days. You don’t have to change anything rather wait and practice some dietary changes for the best results.

Accumulate foods rich in folate in his diet:

if you are in your early 30s and trying to get pregnant, you know the importance of folic acid in all of this phase but amazingly folate or folic acid is not only important for these moms to be rather men need them just as much. According to a study, men who consume a diet less in folic acid have high number of abnormal or non-functional sperms. People often miss concept that abnormal sperms cannot fertilize an egg but in reality abnormal sperms can fertilize an egg but the pregnancy result in miscarriage of handicapped children. According the gynecologist males should consume 5—mg of folate everyday through food or supplement if they are trying to impregnate their wife. Here is a list of things that can be source of folate for men:

  • Any good doctor will recommend multi vitamin, keep in mind not to use the ones which are prescribed to females as the nutrient needs for male and female are different from each other
  • Beans
  • Leafy greens vegetables are the best source of folic acid. Leafy green vegetables include spinach, lettuce, kale, romaine or arugula etc. you can either use it as salad or any meal as some people doesn’t like the taste of raw leafy greens.
  • Whole grain products like bread or flour
  • Citrus fruits like grape fruit, oranges tangerine or pomelo etc.
  • Other than that you can also provide them with folate enriched pasta, cereals or breads.

Accumulating zinc in the diet:

Zinc is linked with so many processes in out body like healing wounds and strong immunity etc. if men consume diet which has un-sufficient amount of zinc in it might have decrease semen motility as compare to the men who consume a zinc rich diet. Zinc plays a vital role in a process known as spermatogenesis which is the developmental process of development of sperm. Zinc enhances the sperm motility in males. A diet high in zinc and folate can work wonders for males if they are trying to impregnate their partner.

Foods that are high in zinc are:

  • Flax seed
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Shrimp
  • Kidney beans
  • Oyster
  • Water melon seeds.

How to make sperm healthy and thicker with food?

If you are wondering how to produce a lot of sperm all naturally so here is the list of some food items which can enhance your sperm quality and amount without visiting the doctor or taking in harsh medicines.

1.  Banana

Bananas are known to be rich in certain essential nutrients like vitamin B1, magnesium and vitamin C. If you want to know how to increase sperm count and volume rapidly this is the best food, it also prevent early or rapid ejaculation in men. If you want to give your best performance in terms of copulation have a banana shake without sugar before intercourse and you will feel much more energized afterwards.

what to eat to increase sperm count

2.  Eggs

Who doesn’t like eggs from children to adult everybody seems to be obsessed with them. Surprisingly eggs are the best food for you if you are trying to have a baby with your partner. Eggs are known to be high in protein and vitamin content which makes them the best food for the seminal fluid. It also prevents the person from free radicals effects. So having an egg or 2 in the morning can actually increase your chances of impregnating your partner.

3.  Goji berries

If you are wondering how to make sperm stronger naturally, than goji berry is all you need to have. According to a study conducted in china 42 men were given goji berry on daily basis, among those men 50% of the men have showed an increased and healthy sperm production. Gojji berry keeps the sperm quality ideal and increase not just that it also provide an ideal temperature to the scrotum that is the place where testis exists. If you can’t find goji berry in your country, you will always find it online.

4.  Walnuts:

Walnuts have been recommended to infertile males from a long time. The effect of walnuts has been proved to enhance the sperm quality by a research. According to university of California, men who consume 75 grams of walnut on daily basis have vitality, morphology and motility of sperms.

5.  Pomegranate:

Out of so many other benefits of pomegranate, one of the benefits is for your swimmers. Consuming pomegranate on daily basis can actually enhance the quality of the sperms and it also increase the motility of these sperms. It also protects the sperms from harsh effects of free radicals as it is known to be the best antioxidant.


There could be many reasons as to why a male has bad quality sperm. With the diet high in junk food to a sedentary lifestyle, there can be so many reasons behind improper semen function. In this article I have comprehended some nutrients and foods that increase sperm count and motility. We know that it is hard to realize the improper function of semen and how emotionally stressing it might get if you are trying to have a baby with your partner. These nutrients and foods can actually help you in recovering all naturally without any side effects.


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