13 Surprising Causes of Vaginal Dryness Which You Never Knew

You must be feeling burning and itchiness in your vagina if your last night’s sexual intercourse was not that comfortable and pleasing. It is because of lack of vaginal moisture. Are you still thinking about causes of vaginal dryness? If yes then you will come about its actual reasons in this article. Women often experience a dry vagina but this feeling is short lived and soon they are back to normal with their pleasing time in bed. When the dryness in vagina becomes permanent then this is the most alarming situation among women. Lots of women don’t think about it seriously but one must know that ignoring this problem results in various issues that lessen the charm in a relationship.

Every moment a woman is sexually aroused, there is natural release in the moisture in her vagina. Although a woman is emotional aroused but there is not moisture in the vagina. Have you wondered what causes vaginal dryness during sex? The answer is that apart from natural decrease in estrogen, your lifestyle might be contributing to this problem. On a serious note, dry vagina can cause urinary tract infections, inflammation, itchiness and even cuts and bleeding at the time of sexual intimacy. Many women feel the need of urination at the time of sex which ruins the pleasure of sex and also lessens the interest of your partner in you. It is very sad to say that relationships often come to an end merely due to dryness in vagina.

causes of vaginal dryness during sex

What are the causes of vaginal dryness?

There are a number of causes of vaginal dryness. Keeping you vagina moist is not only necessary for the pleasure in sex but also for the health of your vaginal in order to fight with the serious infections. So, good hygiene habits are very important to avoid such grave issues. Here I will discuss them in detail.

Hormonal changes

The changes in hormones are a natural process and this can cause vaginal dryness. When the levels of estrogen, when goes down reduces the production of vaginal lubricant. Just like if you are on breast feed can this can also be the reason behind discomfort.

Method of birth control can be the culprit

Vaginal dryness can be due to the method of birth control you are using. There are certain birth control pills which reduces the natural lubricant in the vagina. So women who wonder that can birth control cause vaginal dryness? should consider this aspect as well. Make sure you are not using petroleum based lubricants during the sexual intercourse. Begin using water based lubricants which are safe in this regard.


Women who have had their menopause are more susceptible to lack of vaginal moisture. It is because after the menopause, the level of estrogen in a woman’s body goes down considerably. This causes dryness in her vaginal and pain at the time of sex.

Smoking cigarette

If you smoke cigarette then this lowers down the estrogen level leading to a dry vagina. So you have to quit smoking so that the production of natural lubricant in your vagina is improved and you enjoy the sex in a comfortable manner.

Use of anti-depressants

If you are facing anxiety then you must know that certain anti-depressants aid to dryness in vagina. If you are pregnant then you can also be the victim of this problem. Try to avoid taking medicines for depression. Living a happy and satisfied is very important to have enough vaginal moisture.


Dry vagina causesIf you are stressed out then this condition will ultimately cause vaginal dryness. Worrying about not being moistened well leads to more stress. So you have to be relaxed because this will naturally make you wet. Make sure your lifestyle is not stressful and if it is so then you have to change is right now.

Recent birth of a baby

If you had a baby some days back and you are breastfeeding then this can be one of the major reasons of dryness. There can be certain hormonal changes inside the body in this stage. So when you will be back to your normal menstrual cycle then this issue will be resolved naturally.


There are women who have the problem of allergy, asthma or high blood pressure. The use of medicines for these problems leads to dry vagina. If you are going through your chemotherapy sessions then this can be one of the causes of vaginal dryness. Once you stop using these medicines, you will be back to your normal state.

Sexual dysfunction in males

This can also happen that the male partner is facing sexual dysfunction and because of this condition he is unable promote enough lubrication in her. This can be one of the causes of vaginal dryness during sex. On the other hand when a woman has lack of desires for sexual intercourse then she will not be having enough vaginal moisture. Make sure both the partners are aware of this condition in order to have a pleasure sex experience.

Poor arousal

When male partner is unable to have enough arousal then she most probably faces dryness. The poor performance on the part of male partner like the early ejaculation will not satisfy sexual desires of a woman. In this case a woman feels dryness in her vagina.

Improper diet

Make sure you have a proper diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals that aids the production of vaginal moisture naturally. You can make use of sunflower seeds, salmon, raw pumpkin and many others. When the diet will have sufficient fats then there will be efficient production of estrogen.


Over consumption of alcohol and caffeine

If you are the person habitual of consuming lots of alcohol and caffeine then ultimately you will lack vaginal moisture. You should limit drinking coffee, tea, sodas and alcohol.


There are a number of hygiene products, perfumes, talc, dyes, soaps that can cause allergic reactions in women. These are the irritants not only make dry vagina but also cause yeast infection. If this question Can vaginal dryness cause bleeding? is in your mind then you should know that these irritants are the reason behind this bleeding. You have to ensure that your towels and undergarments are clean. Don’t use the products that cause skin allergy leading to decrease in vaginal lubricant.


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