12 fantastic health and beauty Benefits of garlic

Garlic is a well reputed vegetable which is known for its larger than life uses. Garlic has been used for multiple purposes since the ancient times. In this article we are going to cover some very unique and exotic benefits of the garlic which you probably haven’t heard of before. Keep on reading this article and know what you don’t.

health benefits of Garlic


There is definitely something tempting about the smell and flavor of the garlic. Besides being the super hero in the dishes, garlic have also made its mark in treating ailments even the complicated ones too. Surprisingly the modern age scientists have approved so many benefits of garlic scientifically. From medicine to beauty, garlic has never stopped surprising us from its vast range of uses.

Here are some of the garlic benefits which are very much effective and not just that, they are also proven by the scientists.

1.The savior in cold and flu

Garlic is known to cure the people out of cold and flu from ages. Cold is such a nagging disease that it doesn’t want to leave you behind not even for once. For treating flue or cold, take 2 or 3 cloves of garlic a day, you can also take garlic tea along with 1 tea spoon of honey and ginger in order to elevate the taste a little. Taking garlic tea 2 times a day will not just cure you out of the disease rather it also give a good boost to your immunity thus preventing onset of several other diseases.

2.Our little guard against Cancer:

Some of you might think it to be obnoxious but believe it or not, garlic does prevent the occurrence of cancer big time. Over the past ten years, several research studies have been conducted and almost all of these studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of cancer against colorectal and stomach cancers. Accumulating garlic in meals or consuming it in raw form on daily basis can reduce the chance of digestive system related cancer big time in the consumers.

3.The Mr. No to acne:

Surprisingly garlic is one of the active ingredients in all the anti-acne ointments and cream’s formulas. On word of advice it is to use the garlic all naturally without exploiting the body with several forms of chemicals found in the medicines. Garlic contains high number of antioxidants which fight perfectly against the acne on the body of face. For a super effective tropical treatment, take a clove of garlic, cut it in half and rub it twelve times on the pimple or acne in a circular motion. Leave the face as it is for overnight and rinse it out in the morning. Your acne will be gone by the morning hopefully. Always use a separate half of clove for each pimple so that the bacteria causing pimple cannot transfer from acne to another.

Benefits of Garlic

4.The best aid for loosing nasty pounds:

For all the readers who are desperately finding a way out from the vicious cycle of being overweight, worry no more because all you need is garlic to hold on to. According to a research conducted by a well reputed nutritionist named as Cynthia Sass, a group of over-weight mice were given garlic as supplementary to their diet have not only reduced weight but they also showed less body fat. Try cooking your meals with garlic in it so that you can shed off excessive weight without even knowing. Or you can also take it in the morning on empty stomach as tea for rapid reduction in weight. But you must also know when to stop as consuming way to much will only lead to disaster.

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5.The grower of luscious hair:

Who doesn’t like thick and insanely long hair in women? This is a kind of trait which speaks for its self. Since ancient times, women are using garlic to grow the hair and to make them thick and smooth.

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Garlic is known to have a sulphur compound known as allicin which works similarly like onions thus preventing the hair loss. Besides that allicin in garlic have also other advantages. The way to use garlic for hair treatment is pretty easy and you can do it anytime you want. Cut the garlic cloves in half and rub them on your scalp. Keep on squeezing all the way and massage the scalp and hair afterwards. You can also make garlic infused oil if you desire. All you have to do is to add 3 cloves of garlic in 250 ml of any oil you like; my recommendation is using pumpkin oil for this purpose. Place the infused oil in direct sunlight for a week and simply massage your head 40 minutes before taking bath. You will find vivid difference in your hair texture before and after use.

You can also add juice or extract of garlic in the coconut oil and massage it at the end and scalp of the hair. This combination gives off lustrous hair and not just that your hair loss will also be controlled.

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6. The protectors against chronic mental diseases:

Free radicals that are made as a result of oxidation process is probably the reason why we are exposed to mental and physical ailments. Thanks to the garlic’s anti-oxidative properties, we can actually consume it to fight the actual cause of these mental and physical diseases. The anti-oxidant enzymes reduce overall free radical stress in the body causing it to overcome mental diseases. Some common diseases which were studied and demonstrated to be cured by the garlic supplements are Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. (source)

7.The mediator that cures ear aches:

Due to the garlic’s anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties, garlic can be used potentially anywhere where the infection can take its roots. Ear aches are basically signs of these infections. Extracting the juice of garlic plus mixing it with half cup of olive oil and applying it to the infected ear can actually relieve the person from the ache pretty quickly. However do not keep this mixture for longer term as it might spoil after a month or two.

8.Say “Bubye” to Mosquitoes and their bites

garlic mosquito barrierScientists seem to scratch their heads when it comes to repelling nature of mosquitoes against the garlic. There is no scientific proof behind these phenomena but yes! Mosquito don’t even buzz in the area where a garlic clove is placed. A study conducted in India proved that using a garlicky concoction on the body parts which are exposed to the mosquito bites can actually repel the mosquitoes well. If you don’t have time to find out the repellents containing garlics, you can always make it yourself! All you have to do is to take mix 2 tablespoon of garlic extract, half cup of beeswax and 2 tablespoons of petroleum jelly of your choice and you can have your own mosquito repellent. If you are too lazy to do it, place 2 garlic cloves in the nearby area where most of the mosquitoes reside.

9.Controller of Asthma

If you really want to control the Asthma attacks and the overall condition of Asthma at home, here is an easy sleazy recipe for you to try at home. Boil few cloves of garlic in water; consume the boiled clove of garlic with a glass of warm milk and within no time. You can also malt 1 head of garlic in 1 cup of vinegar and consume it on daily basis in order to cure Asthma.

10.The great cure for foot diseases


No doubt, we have all been there at one point of our life when we have suffered from one or the other foot disease. Most of the diseases that occur in feet are linked with fungus. Due to garlic’s anti-fungal properties, you can easily cure these infestations. One of the diseases which is widely reported each year is the Athlete’s foot in which the sufferer get red rash which is quite scaly which is pretty contagious.

Add 5 cloves of crushed garlic in warm tub of water and soak your feet in it. Repeat it twice a day for 2 days and you will see rapid cure of your ailment.

garlic and diabetes


11.Garlic can increase the sensitivity of insulin:

If the insulin sensitivity drops down, you are very likely to develop a metabolic disease known as Diabetes. Chew raw garlic daily can actually lower your chances of developing this disease and increase the sensitivity of insulin in the body. Try chewing 1 clove of organic garlic every day on empty stomach and within 4 weeks’ time you will be cured.

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12.Garlic works amazing against infections:

Yeast infections like the ones that we get from Candida are the worst. So, instead of giving up the hope you can now use garlic to end this infection once and for all. Due to the garlic’s anti-fungal property, the proliferation of any yeast in the body can be eliminated by regular use of garlic. Besides, within a week the symptoms of the yeast infection especially in the intimate region also starts to diminish like smell and discharge etc.

So if next time someone says garlic is bad for you, don’t listen to them and keep on using this heavenly stuff.

How much garlic should I take?

If you are using garlic as a powdered form, do not take more than 2400 mg as a single dose. You can also take around 600mg for a span of 12 weeks if you desire to or 50 mg garlic a day.  When it comes to consuming cloves of garlic, there is a thin line between over dosing and adequate in taking of the garlic. If you are in good health, it is highly recommended not to consume garlic more than 4 cloves in a single day as it can lead to devastating health consequences in individuals who exceed from this limit daily.

garlic facts

What are the vitamins in garlic?

Garlic is a rich source of vitamin B6, an excellent source of vitamin C and last but not least garlic also provides one with trace amount of Vitamin B1.

What are side effects of garlic pills?

As mentioned earlier an excess of everything bad for the health, using raw garlic is no doubt gem for the health, but using powdered or garlic in form of medicine does harm the health of the individual if consumed more than required. Here are some of the side effects of garlic pills:

  1. Heart burning
  2. Intense burning of oral region
  3. Odor from body
  4. Odor in genitals of females
  5. Strong diarrhea
  6. Constant nausea
  7. Higher risk of stomach ulcer or even bleeding in the consumers
  8. Ulcer in the liver of the consumer and in some cases the liver gets malfunctioned
  9. It is also linked with severe and shooting gastric issues in the users
  10. It can also reduce the blood pressure dangerously which is a “no” for everyone out there.

These were some of the drastic yet very bad side effects of using too much of a garlic.


Garlic has been used even before the 5000 years. Garlic is known to be linked with several benefits. In this article we have described some common and uncommon benefits of garlic for the user. You can use it for any purpose and anyway you like. However always keep in mind that the excess of everything is very harmful for your body. Do not over dose on something like garlic as it can harm you in so many ways which you don’t even know. Keep on reading these garlic facts and know what you don’t.


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