10 Surprizing Mango juice benefits for health

Mango is known as King of fruits and it is available in variety of skin colors such as yellow, green or reddish orange. Mango is considered as the delicious fruits and it is mostly cultivated in many parts of the world. Mango juice is pulpy and yummy because it contains many essential vitamins and minerals good for health. In this article I would like to discuss mango juice benefits for every one.

mango juice benefits

What are the nutrients in mango juice?

First of all we will discuss about the nutritional value of mango juice. One must know that one cup of mango juice have approximately 128 calories in it and 33 gram of carbohydrates. As mango is delicious and mouth watering fruit so we are blessed to have it because it is rich source of valuable vitamins and minerals.

Mango contains vitamin C:

Are you suffering from cold and flu and do you want to prevent it then you must eat mangoes because it is good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to boost your white blood cells which ultimately destroy bacteria and germs. Do you know that 8 ounces of mango serving is enough to fulfill two third of daily vitamin C intake.

Mango contains Beta-Carotene:

You must know that one serving of mango id enough to fulfill one quarter of daily intake of beta carotene. The orange yellow color of mangoes is due to beta carotenes and our body needs beta carotene to make vitamin A. Both vitamin A and beta carotene work together to promote good skin.

Potassium content in mangoes:

Do you know that one cup of mango juice contains 325 mg of potassium? Potassium is an important mineral which helps to regular blood pressure of body and also balances the fluids of our body.

Mangoes are rich source of Iron:

As we all know that iron is important for the proper functioning of red blood cells that transport oxygen to the body. Those people who suffer from the problem of anemia should increase the intake of mangoes and its juice because it is rich source of iron. A glass of mango juice fulfills about two percent of your daily iron needs.

Top 10 Mango Juice Benefits:

nutritional value of mango juice

It helps to maintain blood pressure:

As discussed earlier mango juice is rich source of potassium which improves various functions of muscles and heart. This mineral is known to regulate the blood pressure of body and balances the body fluid as well.

Treats the problem of Anemia:

As mango juice contains notable amount of iron which is considered as a significant nutrient of body, so its deficiency can cause anemia. Once a person consumes mango juice daily then his body gets notable amount of iron. Doctors also recommend mango juice for pregnant ladies because they need high iron content. According to various studies mango juice is helpful in the reduction of conditions like stress, anxiety, and muscle cramp and heart problems.

Good for Eye Health:

Mangoes and mango juice contains notable amount of vitamin A which helps to improve the vision. Those who suffer from eye problems such as dry eyes or night blindness should drink mango juice because it promotes good eye sight.

Mango juice benefits for Skin:

Another advantage of mango juice is that it makes the skin more fresh and beautiful by providing essential nutrients. Those who suffer from the problem of acne and pimples can use mangoes externally. You all just need to apply the pulp of mangoes for at least 10 minutes on your skin. Then you can wash it with normal water.

It helps to treat blackheads:

There are so many people who try to find out the remedy to remove blackheads and treat clog pores. If you are suffering from the most common problem of blackheads then don’t forget to use mango pulp on your skin. You can apply mango pulp directly on your skin and also use a scrub by mixing it with honey and milk. It is a great home remedy to treat blackheads.

Mango Juice Prevents Cancer:

According to the new research mango contains chemicals and various anti-oxidants like isoquercitin, fisetin, quercetin, astrgalin which are helpful in fighting against the colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Mango contains an important substance called pectin which helps to prevent cancer.

Helpful in stomach problems:

Many people deal with stomach problems like acidity, indigestion or constipation, it all happens because they are not getting enough fiber in their diet. Mango juice contains fiber content which plays an important role in curing stomach related problems. When you are suffering from the problem of constipation then you need to increase the consumption of mango juice because it contains fiber. Experts suggest that people who suffer from inflammatory bowel syndrome should avoid mangoes because it will worsen their condition.

It Lowers the Cholesterol Levels

The presence of vitamin C in the body reduces the serum cholesterol in the body. You must include this pulpy and enrich fruit in your diet:

Boosts better sex:

An amazing ability of mango juice is to increase the sex drive. However, it is still unknown to everyone that how mango juice boost the sex drive perhaps it would be due to high content of important vitamin such as vitamin E. If you have caffeinated or soda drinks in your diet then instantly replace them with healthy mango juice because it promotes better sex by increasing libido and enhance the sex life.

Mango juice and Pregnancy:

Mango juice is extremely beneficial for pregnant mothers and growing babies so it is a great diet for pregnant ladies. It has low calorie content along with essential vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A and fiber. These essential vitamins increase the mental and physical growth of baby in developing phase. Beta carotene is good for both mother and baby as it is good for heart health.


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